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How do I use Autoplay?

You can now schedule live events to automatically play when they begin on DAZN For Business using Autoplay. Autoplay helps you schedule the live content in advance, so you can show the content you want to in your venue without having to manage the TV app during busy periods.

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How do I use Autoplay?
  1. Go to the Schedule page to view upcoming events organised by date
  2. Select the upcoming events you want to show and set them to Autoplay
  3. You can then manage the events you have set to Autoplay on the 'Autoplay' tab in the schedule
  4. When an event you have set to Autoplay starts your device will automatically start the event.
    • If you are already watching another event, you will see a notification in the top right of the screen 3 minutes before you switch to the Autoplay event. It will show a countdown and give you the option to Cancel Autoplay.

We recommend setting your live events to Autoplay at the start of each week and scheduling these fixtures on the DAZN Bar Finder at the same time to attract more sports fans to your venue. Click here for more information on the DAZN Bar Finder.

What events can I set to Autoplay?
You can set any upcoming live events to Autoplay.

What happens if I schedule two overlapping events to Autoplay?
If two Autoplay events overlap you will switch to the second event once it begins. You will be presented a notification explaining this at the point you set the second event to Autoplay.

What happens when an Autoplay event finishes?
Your TV app will automatically switch to the next available live event. If no other live event is available at that time, it will switch to the DAZN 1 live channel. If you have set a later event to Autoplay it will then switch to this event when it begins.

How far in advance can I set events to Autoplay?
Live events are available in the schedule to set to Autoplay 14 days in advance.

Do I need to have the DAZN For Business TV app open on my screen?
You will need to have the DAZN For Business TV app launched and visible on your screen(s) for events to Autoplay. We recommend you schedule your events and then play some content, for example Highlights videos, and then when the first event you have scheduled starts it will automatically play.

How does Autoplay work if I have multiple devices?
You will need to set the events you want to show to Autoplay on each of your DAZN TV devices. This allows you to schedule different events on Device 1 and Device 2.

Why can’t I see or use Autoplay?
If the Autoplay feature is not visible in your TV app, your TV app needs to be updated. Click here for instructions on how to do this. 

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