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How can I ensure the best quality viewing experience in my venue?

How does DAZN For Business work?
As DAZN For Business uses your Internet to stream both live and catchup sports, your viewing experience relies on having both a fast and stable connection .

How do I check the quality of my Internet Connection?
We recommend running a Speed Test on your connection before placing an order and at any point where you may experience an issue with video quality or buffering.

Key information from the Speed Test are both Download Speed and PING:

  • Download speeds of 17Mbps or more  indicate a high-speed connection.  A lower speed may still allow you to watch DAZN For Business, but you may experience lesser video quality, buffering or errors while watching
  • PING represents the delay between your device and our network and should be less than 50ms. If your PING result is greater than 50ms, please see tips below to reduce the connection delays
How do I connect my TV device to the internet?
Your device operates using either a Wired Ethernet connection, or wirelessly over Wi-Fi.

While Wi-Fi is often convenient, almost all wireless connections suffer from occasional signal strength or connection delays caused by physical objects, other users on the same network competing for the same bandwidth and even interference from other electrical objects like refrigerators and wireless cameras. For this reason, we recommend that customers prioritise wired connections over Wi-Fi wherever possible

If the distance between your router and TV device is longer than the cable provided with your device, you may use a longer cable. Alternatively, you may wish to consider a Powerline Adaptor which allows Internet signals to be sent over your electrical wiring.

How can I ensure the best quality viewing experience?

All devices connected to your Internet connection generate traffic which can cause timing delays and interrupt your DAZN stream.

To reduce any connection delays, please minimise the number of number of connections to your router. This includes guest WLAN access from the same router, even if your DAZN TV Device is connected via Ethernet.


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