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How do I get the best video quality in my Venue?

DAZN for Business uses your internet connection to stream (provide access to) sports events and other content. This article explains how to identify if there are issues with your connection and how to resolve them.
How do I know if there are issues with my connection?
Video quality problems are usually caused by an interruption in your internet connection, appearing as one or more of the following problems:
  • Poor picture quality (not in high definition)
  • Buffering (the spinning wheel) that temporarily pauses your video
  • Video errors that end your video and display an error message

If any of these issues are occurring consistently, your internet connection needs to be improved.

How can I improve my connection?
Below are three factors that can improve your connection. All three need to be optimised to guarantee a continuous HD stream. E.g. if your internet speed is good, connection quality or other devices using the same connection can still impact the quality of your DAZN For Business video.
  1. Connection quality
  2. Internet speed
  3. Other devices using the same connection

Step 1 – Optimise your connection quality
Connection quality relates to how your DAZN TV device is connected to your internet router. We recommend that you use an ethernet (wired) connection for DAZN For Business. WiFi connection works but should be considered a last resort as it is less stable for video streaming.

Ethernet step-by-step guide:
  1. Connect your DAZN TV device directly to your internet router with an ethernet cable
  2. If you are unable to do this, for example due to distance between the DAZN TV device and router, we recommend contacting your local technician for advice on how to set up an ethernet connection
  3. If an ethernet connection is not possible, powerline adapters and coaxial cables can provide a more stable connection than a WiFi connection (note: these can be less effective in some commercial venues, please consult your local technician on this setup)

If a technician is unable to set up an ethernet connection or other type of wired connection, below is a step-by-step guide to optimise your WiFi connection:
  1. Place your DAZN TV device and router as close together as possible with no solid objects between them (e.g. walls, doors, ceilings/floors, large numbers of customers when busy)
  2. Determine whether to use the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz WiFi signal for your router:
    1. Connect your TV device to 5 GHz when it is near your router with an unobstructed path
    2. Connect to 2.4 GHz if your TV device and router are a large distance apart (e.g. over 5 metres) or the path is obstructed by solid objects
    3. If you only have one WiFi signal/connection, or are unsure which is 5 GHz, please contact your internet provider
  3. Ensure that your WiFi network is using a 'clear' channel where no other networks are broadcasting - for help with this, please contact your internet provider

Step 2 – Optimise your internet speed
We recommend that you have an internet download speed of at least 17 Mbps per DAZN TV device to stream DAZN For Business (e.g. for two devices we recommend 34 Mbps). Below are steps to test your internet speed:
  1. Perform a speed test on your TV device
    1. Press Home on your TV remote, then select Speed Test -> Start Test
    2. Check that your internet speed result is at least 17 Mbps per TV device
    3. Check that the ping is less than 50 ms
  2. Perform a speed test on a laptop or tablet right next to your router, preferably using a wired connection
    1. Go to https://business.dazn.com/speed-test and perform the test
    2. Check that your internet speed result is at least 17 Mbps per TV device
    3. Check that the ping is less than 50 ms

How to interpret your results:
  • If only your TV device test fails, you need to optimise your connection quality (details in step 1 above)
  • If both your TV device and second device tests fail, contact your internet provider about your insufficient internet speed
  • If both results are 17 Mbps or better and you are still experiencing video quality issues, please contact us

Step 3 – Minimise other devices sharing the same connection
Simultaneous use of your internet connection by other devices can impact your video quality.

Your DAZN TV Device must not share an internet connection with public guest WiFi or staff devices.  

Where possible, minimise shared internet use with other systems, such as:
  • Point-of-sales (POS) software
  • Internet connected security cameras
  • Stock management systems
  • Card payment systems

If you are still unable to get a consistently good video quality experience, please contact us for more support.


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