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My payment method was rejected

When paying with credit/debit card or Klarna (direct debit)
Please make sure you have sufficient funds in the registered account. We will continue to attempt to debit the amount after your payment is due.
If your card has expired or you need to update your details, please contact our customer service team directly.

When paying by bank transfer
If your transfer fails, please check that all the details are correct and that you have sufficient funds in your account. If you still have problems with the transfer process, please contact your bank.
Our bank details are as follows:
Recipient: DAZN Limited
Name of bank: HSBC Bank
IBAN: DE89300308801878986012
Reason for payment: [your invoice number]

You can also chat with us by visiting www.business.dazn.com/help and clicking on Contact Us at the bottom right. We are available daily (Monday - Sunday) from 10am - 11pm.

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Speak with our digital assistant who will ask a few quick questions and then pass you to a customer care specialist to help resolve your query.


Speak to one of our customer care specialists who will be ready to resolve your query between Monday - Sunday: 12pm - 10pm.

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